Our Team & Vision

Our vision

We are pioneers of a regenerative economy. Full Cycle redefines waste through material alchemy. Our bacteria-powered technology enables circular solutions for a cleaner, more sustainable future. We’re a team of passionate problem solvers, bioengineers, creatives, and visionaries dedicated to catalyzing the circular economy. We develop, scale, and distribute technologies that work towards this vision.

The team

A dedicated team of highly skilled, planet-loving professionals at your disposal.

  • Leadership
    Our Leadership Team provides direction, inspiration, and vision as we scale up our ability to help save the world through the power of PHA.
  • Partnerships
    Our Partnership team is out there daily, connecting and working with various partners and providers in our community to bring our PHA to the world.
  • People
    Our People Team attracts, retains, and delivers needed resources to our team of bright and passionate people with a mutual desire to change the world.
  • General & Admin
    Our G&A team keeps our company running smoothly through the various challenges that can stem from scaling a company quickly.
  • Tech
    Our Technology Team is where the magic happens, or in this case, science. They innovate and improve our PHA, fermentation, and product technology.

The leadership team

  • Jeff Anderson
    Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who brings a wealth of experience in the cleantech industry and has served in multiple executive roles in clean energy, waste repurposing, and venture capital. Jeff completed his master’s thesis on economics in PHA production, sits on an advisory board for a Bay Area biotech company, and is the co-inventor of Full Cycle technology. His zeal for tackling plastic pollution and food waste makes him a force for change.
  • Dane Anderson
    Co-CEO & CTO
    Dane is an inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur focused on mitigating climate change and plastic pollution. He is the co-inventor of Full Cycle's Technology bringing expertise in automation, technology scale-up, biological wastewater treatment, green chemistry, and growing Full Cycle's technology from lab to commercial scale.
  • Abby Liske
    VP, Technology Strategy
    Abby has expertise in building and scaling businesses. She led multiple teams across various international consulting projects at Bain & Company, including researching global food waste during an externship at the World Economic Forum. Abby spent the past six years launching social impact ventures within The Wonderful Company, a $4B food, and agriculture company. She holds her MBA from Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford.
  • Leslie Hurley
    Chief People Officer
    Leslie’s career spans HR and recruiting roles at a variety of startups at various stages of development and size, major entertainment, and big tech companies. Leslie brings a wealth of experience in building organizations that attract and retain world-class employees required for success.
  • Kay Boamah
    VP, Sales
    Kay’s expertise in driving sales strategies from large multinational companies to smaller tech startups is invaluable to our team. As the former Head of Sales for FedEx Canada, Kay built the strategy for customer retention and new business development. He has since led sales teams at multiple industry-wide companies.
  • Hasan Tbeileh
    General Counsel
    Hasan has a background in Economics, Intellectual Property, and Employment Law Compliance. With a JD from American University Washington College of Law and a BS from the University of California, Davis, Hasan manages our legal and compliance operations.