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Join the Circular Revolution

Turn your organic waste cost into sustainable revenue streams

Full Cycle technology improves your bottom line. If you generate and/or manage large volumes of organic waste, let’s partner to increase the value you’re generating on a per tonnage basis.

Use our PHA to create high-value compostable products

Our biopolymers are the best cost-competitive alternative to the oil-based, carbon-intensive materials used to produce plastics. Our PHA replaces virtually any traditional plastic on the market today.

Bring Full Cycle’s Technology to your market

Interested in bringing Full Cycle’s technology to new markets? The demand for PHA bioplastics is increasing exponentially around the world. We license our tech to select partners. This ensures we meet the demand and achieve our mission of addressing climate change.

Whether you already have organic waste streams, currently operate manufacturing facilities and hope to produce PHA, or want to eliminate single-use plastics altogether, you may benefit from licensing Full Cycle’s technology.

Why partner with us?

We’re leading the transition to a circular economy — where waste is transformed into revenue and toxic chemistries are displaced with natural materials.

    Partnership Benefits:

  • Costs become revenue streams
    We 10x the revenue generation potential per each ton of organic waste.
  • A natural process
    Our process is fully natural and uses non-GMO bacteria. This allows us to accept a mixed consortium of organic waste, avoid unnecessary sterilization costs, and create products that are truly biodegradable.
  • Biodegradable after use
    If not upcycled, our PHA can degrade in the soil or the ocean without harming the environment or biodiversity at all.
  • Catalyzes the circular economy
    We turn waste into high-value PHA that, after use, can be upcycled into virgin PHA again.
  • Fully tailorable
    The range of applications that can be made with our PHA is enormous. We work with you to produce PHA that meets the specifications of your existing materials and target products.
  • Goodbye plastic pollution
    Our PHA is a compostable alternative to petroleum-based plastics, and our competitive pricing creates the potential for widespread adoption in both developed and emerging markets.
  • Limits your environmental footprint
    Each ton of feedstock diverted from the landfill equates to CO2e and methane not being emitted.
  • Low-cost PHA
    Our technology produces low-cost PHA bioplastics that are cost-competitive with petroleum-based alternatives, making the decision to displace plastics in your supply chain that much easier.
  • Strengthens your brand image
    Help your customers make a conscious, sustainable choice.